Green Computing

Green Computing Initiatives

Public alarm over environmental impacts of the increased usage of technology has broad implications on the sustainability of business IT functions. Already escalating energy costs and intensifying power utilization needs are having an express impact on business profitability. Added to this is the social concern over the global climate crisis and conservation efforts that have led to regulatory compliance statutes; businesses are increasingly pressured to find new solutions to guarantee IT implementations are more eco-friendly.

Principal among these proposals is to develop enhancements that increase energy efficiency and eliminate power waste by dormant servers and workstations. Solutions to this problem exist today and Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recommends companies implement a green computing solution, not only to contribute to the global environmental movement, but also, to diminish operating expenses while boosting profitability.


MLAN has negotiated strategic partnerships with our Colocation providers to provide not only services that are optimally accessible to intended end-users, but also to conform to the desire our nation has shown to employ green computing practices. When considering MLAN to provide your Colocated hardware and services, remember that not only can the benefits of these services be applied to your business goals, but your marketing collateral can also illustrate your company's active efforts to 'Go Green' in your customer's minds.


Virtualization in the Colocation environment is the ultimate green implementation. Placing the job of several servers onto a redundant Virtual Server within the already environmentally efficient Colo facility enables you to lower costs further, and offers you an even greater claim to 'sell' your customers on your 'Green' initiatives. 

Dedicated Servers

To continue extending our services under the umbrella of our own Green Initiatives, MLAN offers Dedicated Servers that eliminate the need for you to purchase, maintain, and ultimately replace your hardware. Dedicated Servers are stacked in such a manner as to share common power sources (with redundant sources in an instant-on reserve-only status). This reduces not only the overall electrical cost to operate, but also makes efficient use of what would otherwise serve as the 'unused' power to maintain backup electrical sources.


MLAN provides traditional circuits where absolutely necessary, but otherwise finds proven, innovative solutions to provide high-speed data. Whether your company internet access point sits right on the Fiber-Net where we can connect you directly to our network, or you require 'last mile' wireless connectivity to your building, we can (and have) accommodated.

MLAN provides these circuits (and more), as needed:

  • T1
  • T3
  • ISDN
  • PRI
  • MPLS
  • DSL
  • Fiber
  • High-Speed Wireless
  • Point-to-Point Wireless
  • Last-Mile Wireless