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Business Continuity

Business Continuity Services

MLAN Consulting provides client-data-backup to an off-site facility – ensuring protection and stability of critical client data. Backups are replicated to MLAN’s facility automatically, in real-time, as changes occur. MLAN provides an additional service - testing each backup to the point of restore. MLAN provides each client with a report of monthly test results indicating pass/fail status and time-to-recovery. Clients are also provided access to the ‘Online File Recovery’ interface for all data successfully backed-up and replicated. Additionally, clients may choose Network Device Continuity Services. Network devices are polled for configuration and backed-up to MLAN’s Colocation facility.

Off-Site Backup Data Replication

MLAN Consulting backup replication service takes an 128-bit, AES-encrypted copy of client data directly from the source server and replicates (copies) it to the MLAN Colocation Facility over an SSL connection; this facility is, secure, climate controlled, and fire protected.

Point of Restore Testing

MLAN technicians use replicated client data to perform recover-ability testing each month. This testing allows MLAN to ensure your data is recoverable and to determine each device's estimated Total Time to Recovery; this is the estimated minimum amount of time required to bring your device back to production status.

Online Recovery Interface

MLAN provides clients with the ability to restore individual files, as-needed. This is a web-based interface made available only to technical points of contact approved by client executive management.

Network Configuration Backup

MLAN takes monthly snapshots of the operating states for each covered device. These snapshots are backed-up to MLAN's offsite Colocation facility until required for device restoration to production status.

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