Service Riders

Service Rider Options

MLAN offers value-added service riders to the standard Business Continuity Services in order to extend additional accessibility and stability.

Fault Monitoring Rider

The Fault Monitoring option provides pro-active, predictive, monitoring of servers and network devices, as indicated by this agreement. This service rider monitors hard disk drives, network interfaces, and several other key indicators of server and/or network device health and stability. This allows MLAN to notify you of impending or immediate issues with your devices; allowing you to make good tactical decisions and control IT costs.

Hot Spare Rider

For each device selected to carry the Hot Spare Rider, the rider will ensure that client has an ‘always-available device’ residing in the MLAN facility. This machine is used to rapid-restore the covered device's operating state and client data (if appropriate). The Hot Spare rider ensures the shortest possible estimated Time to Recovery in the event of total device failure; bringing your organization's devices back to production status - potentially within a few hours, instead of several hours or several days.

In the event a Hot Spare is provisioned for client use, the client can make use of the Hot Spare for up to thirty (30) days. After which a nominal daily rental rate will be applied until client authorizes return of the rental.

On Premise Redundancy Rider

As part of the on-premise rider MLAN provides a backup storage device to keep a local copy of client data at the client's place of business. This backup copy provides the client with the peace of mind that a copy of their data is within their possession at all times. The on-premise rider also provides a local copy of all data allowing extremely fast restores of large data files and directories.

Tertiary Replication Rider

For each server selected to carry the Tertiary Replication Rider, the rider will ensure that client data is replicated ‘out of region’ to data centers far from areas at risk in the event of a Regional Disaster.