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Wi-Fi Hotspot Support

Wireless Networks, including your employee and guest user Wi-Fi Hotspots, require intense encryption and access control. MLAN has simplified this process and automated self-healing remediation strategies to ensure your users are online and supported. Whether you offer a free network to all customers, selective access to customers, or prepay and 'pay as you go' subscriptions - MLAN has a support service that is flexible at a balanced cost.

The MLAN Consulting Wireless/Wi-Fi Technical Support Call Center provides 24x7x365 professional, over the phone, technical support for your guests/customers/clients and your designated employees. Calls are answered by a Live and Trained Technician who is committed to solving end user problems. MLAN provides troubleshooting to resolve problems reported by users, those issues are escalated according to standards and policies defined by you using your own toll free 800 number provided by MLAN.

MLAN Consulting is committed to answering 90% of incoming calls within 90 seconds. If any callers do go to voicemail and leave a message with a return call number, MLAN Consulting will return those calls within 1 hour. MLAN Consulting currently maintains an average-time-to-answer at less than 40 seconds.

MLAN Consulting will escalate calls as needed, using a trouble ticket system, email and/or phone call – as dictated by your customized escalation policy. When circumstances require a call to be escalated to specialized MLAN technicians, MLAN Consulting will do so within 1 hour.

MLAN has active, satisfied customers of both our wireless design/deployment consulting and wireless support services:

The docks and common areas at the Sunroad Resort Marina were fully deployed, and are actively maintained, by MLAN Consulting. Staff has access to wireless support and computers have been extended across the facility in an efficient manner as result of this product and service.

Additional docks at commercial and industrial locations across the Marine Group Boat Works facilities have overcome issues unique to this environment.