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Device Management

MLAN Consulting offers a device management service like no other. We use the same methodologies employed by our Monitoring services and layer our well-honed skills to make management a breeze. We have existing implementations that utilize minimal management where clients have a large internal IT staff to perform Tier 1 and Tier 2 support; clients with a very small IT staff or even just an IT manager to perform only the highest level IT management; to Executive Environments where all device management is performed by MLAN and a Chief Executive simply gives us their requirements and we customize our support to meet your needs ... not the other way around.


Server Management is a service previously affordable only to large or enterprise environments. MLAN has helped lead the move to scale this service down to accommodate organizations with as few as one server.

We have built a system that allows you to decide how your environment is to be managed: how often do we replace servers? often do we replace desktops?...when do we implement updated versions of approved software?...when are licenses to be purchased and what is the least cost incremental approach to paying for legal software licensing?

Every facet of the service and server machine is monitored and managed to ensure it is network available, has plenty of space, balanced processor utilization, and secure.


Network Management takes monitoring to the next level with automatic load balancing, intrusion detection, vulnerability abatement, and real-time flash alerting and escalation.

Your firewall and router configurations are backed-up for maximum speed of recovery; switches are monitored for aberrant behavior and individual ports are shut down to contain and isolate problem or compromised machines until a technician can service the issue internally or a technician is deployed by MLAN (depending on your MLAN support subscription).

The most valuable facet of the MLAN network management service is our Express Warranty. MLAN replaces your devices, at no charge, when they fail. Since we have what we think is the best Priority/Response Matrix of all Network Management providers, you can be assured that your devices will work right from the start, and will be replaced or repaired within hours, even minutes, rather than days or weeks.


Managing your own Workstations is Herculean effort no matter the size of your computing environment.

In small organizations, it is cost prohibitive to employ even a part-time technician. In large organizations, Workstation Management leverages smaller IT teams into more effective units. Medium sized organizations are often left out on their own when they don't fit the specific models most Managed Service Providers employ; MLAN has found a way to accommodate these businesses by making our service granular and scalable.