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Email Marketing

Template Builder

The template builder allows you to upload, or design-on-the-fly, HTML formatted newsletters to ensure your company’s brand identity is maintained in all communications with your customers and prospects. The builder uses a WSYWIG (What You See is What You Get) design interface so that you and your team can be effective designers without learning how to write code; though a programmer will right at home in the ‘code’ view should you desire a professionally designed template.

Multiple Recipient Lists

Manage your subscribers effectively. Unlimited lists allow you to manage members, potential customers, lapsed members (for recapture), and so on. Adding custom fields allow you to refer to your recipients within the message, dynamically. By setting up a few custom fields you can say ‘…thanks for being one of our valued Platinum Members’. Protect the integrity and satisfaction of your subscribers by using a suppression list. If you add someone to your suppression list, they will never receive another email from you, regardless of what mailing list to which you send.

SPAM Checking

After the effort of forming a compelling message and identifying the best recipients, you would be heart-broken to discover the message was marked as SPAM and not even delivered to your recipients. Our unique SPAM conditioning process will analyze the likelihood of being flagged and will even make recommendations to ensure your message bypasses the filters by lowering your SPAM score. Stay CAN-SPAM Compliant with automatic unsubscribe processing, SPAM-word alerting, and format enforcement. We also make it extremely easy to add your address to the bottom of each email. This helps people remember where they signed up for your email and reduces the risk of it being marked as spam.

Statistical Reports

Statistics include email open stats, bounce-back reports, unsubscribe statistics, new subscriber reports, auto-responder information and more. MLAN manages all bounce-backs and unsubscribe requests. Within the web interface, you'll find a link to "Insert an Unsubscribe Link". We'll automatically generate the web address needed if one of your subscribers wishes to remove themselves. Removal is instant, so there are no chances of receiving complaints of unsubscribe requests not being honored in a timely manner. Bounced emails (both soft and hard) are processed and removed from your list for you automatically, meaning your list is always clean. You can also export a list of which email addresses bounced and see both soft and hard bounce details.

Client Email Application Preview

To insure maximum response, it's important your email looks just right in every email client. MLAN provides functionality to let you preview your message in various email clients without leaving your builder interface. Supported email client previews include Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo and many others.

If we detect something that might not display properly, we'll give you tips on how you can fix it.

Open API for Extended Development

MLAN technicians can use the API to enable Website Integration, move data to accounting databases, trigger actions in CRM, and more.

Website Integration

Easily create subscription forms for integration into your website. These forms will let you add people to your mailing list, or add themselves through your micro-sites and partner pages – even banner-ads can be leveraged to bring on subscribers. We also provide an option to CAPTCHA to help avoid any bots or other net-polluters from automating additions to your subscriber list.