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Fault Monitoring

Always-On Monitoring

"You can only manage that which you know."

MLAN Monitoring Services are designed to provide you with the knowledge and network awareness you require to keep your efforts focused on business goals.

MLAN business intelligence reports bring information gathered from your across your network environment and present the resulting analytics in an actionable format; from hardware aging and utilization issues to software updates and real-time alerts.

Server Monitoring

Monitoring your servers for faults and lagging performance indicators is critical to achieving business goals. MLAN continues to augment strategic management of your company's mission by not only helping you to determine long term hardware replacement/upgrade schedules, but to also manage day-to-day operational status.

The MLAN monitor scans health statistics to determine what problems exist and what problems can be avoided on your Databases, Applications, Hard Disk Drives, Memory, CPU, Networking, and Alerts.

As with desktop monitoring, in many cases, MLAN engineers can recommend automated remediation strategies that result in devices that heal themselves - continuously improving performance, efficiency, and cost value.

Just another way we are constantly looking to provide your company with optimized performance while driving down your Total Cost of Ownership.

Desktop Monitoring

Monitoring 'at the desktop' gathers hardware, software, licensing, and virus information which is fed to the MLAN monitoring database and translated into reports that guide your company's implementation of security patches, software deployment, and desktop utilization policies, such as electrical power management that drive electrical bills down anywhere from 5% to as much as 60%.

In many cases, MLAN engineers can recommend automated remediation strategies that result in devices that heal themselves - continuously improving performance, efficiency, and cost value.

Network Monitoring

Though the term 'network' is often applied to all the devices that rest on your physical network, in the case of your physical network, MLAN monitors the individual components to ensure they are not only efficient, but also to provide real-time alerts of potential comprise by a virus or a hacker's botnet (the software that turns your machine into a zombie with which government and corporate resources are attacked).

Individual components firewalls, routers, switches, and any other IP addressable devices. When these devices become over-taxed, by compromise or company growth or otherwise, the money you've invested in desktops and servers is diminished because those other devices cannot communicate with each other, or internet-based resources. When this occurs, unscrupulous technology sales people may sell you potentially unneeded increases in ISP circuits, cabling upgrades, or server enhancements; MLAN engineers use the 'pyramid-up' management ideology that utilizes performance data to recommend physical network changes first. It is only after securing the foundation of your network 'pyramid' that MLAN will even look to expand circuits, or other resources, to keep your network performing at optimal levels and further contribute to lowering your Total Cost of Ownership.

Website Filtering

Unrestricted employee access to the internet is a recipe for disaster. Your salespeople do not have access to payroll files; office managers do not have access to executive's files; outside competitors cannot access your vendor agreements.

By extending absolute access control to the filtering of website access - you ensure your company has eliminated, or highly-mitigated, the risk of exposure to sexual harassment, loss of customer satisfaction, or piracy of illegally obtained and/or illegally licensed software and music.

MLAN can offer Access Control Policies that are defined in the manner that best suits your corporate culture. Grey-Listing allows you to give some personal freedom to employees by giving open access to categories like academic, shopping, or personal email - while concurrently blocking categories like gambling, pornography, or social networking (MySpace, Face book, Twitter). Blacklisting only the sites you specifically choose to block is minimally effective except as an addendum to a Grey-Listing policy; MLAN recommends the White list approach that only allows access to sites specified by owners, executives, and managers.

As a managed service, website filtering takes as much of the process off your plate as is possible while still giving you control. We maintain everything required for this service except your policy, with which we can help. All filtering-related servers, backups, logs, patching, security, web anti-virus and anti-spam are 100% the responsibility of MLAN engineers.