Messaging Services

MLAN Messaging Services

Messaging is the most important and critical piece of your electronic business practices. The more time your employees spend trying to access email, the less effective hours you, as employer, gain from the relationship.

Within the realm of Managed Messaging - companies are faced with concerns over which platform to use (Microsoft Exchange or simple POP3), Security and Encryption levels, Worms-Viruses-Trojans and Bots, SPAM and Spyware ... even whether to move from TDM PBX platforms to newer, more efficient, VoIP PBX solutions.

MLAN has provided Messaging support for consulting clients for nearly 12 years, and has provided Managed Messaging for over 7 years. We have made this one of our core competencies and have transformed our experience into expertise.

Managed Exchange Server

Microsoft's Exchange Server requires extensive knowledge of not only the platform itself, but also the authentication schemes used by Microsoft's Domain management platforms. MLAN consultants have mastered this platform. We provide high value management and support of Exchange environments from 5 users to over 5000 users, and have managed migrations to Unix-, Linux-, and Apple Server- based platforms.

Message Encryption

Many of our clients require Compliance Management due to Regulatory statutes necessitating better-than-military-grade security; however, all of our clients require some degree of encryption. For MLAN, this is an engaging area. We have developed our own experience-based methodology that scales not only the encryption needs of respective environments, but also the scales the cost ... more lowering of your Total Cost of Ownership.


SPAM is an every day, every second, struggle for the entire world of email users. New tactics are developed daily to bypass rules and standards. As a result, your solution must be actively fighting this daily war. MLAN provides a hybridized service that accounts for the strategic differences in platforms. We capture over 99% of SPAM every minute and provide you with the control to minimize or eliminate all but the anomalies present in any system.

MLAN Anti-SPAM services allow more time for your employees to stay focused on your business goals and protect your network from viruses and other malware that piggy back on SPAM messages, effectively disabling your employees and systems through subterfuge.

Hosted VoIP

VoIP Services are the fastest growing segment of all telecommunications systems implementations, new or as an upgrade. Voice over Internet Protocol based phones and PCs, properly deployed and managed, offer not only the reliability of copper-based systems, but also new ways to engage your employees and for your employees to engage customers.

Besides ubiquitous benefits including usage tracking and accounting, such as in law offices and auditing companies, but additional capabilities include recording every call, routing based on geography, custom routing rules, and customer relationship management system integration.